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Refreshing My Bedroom by Affordable Picks

Refreshing the personal bedroom’s theme annually should be big of a thing because it just revives the
aura of one’s place.
I have started doing it for a few years now and it helps me a lot while going through any rough period. In this idea of mine, Wayfair supported me the most to bring my imagination regarding my room to life. The theme I chose revolves around aesthetic wooden furniture with grey, creamy, and wooden brown color scheme.

This Rug I chose from Wayfair immaculately fits the theme I planned. And also provides the required comfort I need under my feet while walking in my bedroom barefoot.

This Lamp I ordered matches the overall setup of my bedroom and is just the perfect size considering my bedside table. This is what attracted me to buy it the most.

To make my room look filled I added a few paintings, relaxing chairs, and soft pillows. And how can one forget comforter sets for our beds? As it is a reason for ultimate soothing and comfort.

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