Top Picks from Sephora Holiday Sale

Sephora has been my all-time favorite store to shop for make-up. Their exciting deals, collections, and offer have me spending like crazy. However, with the rising inflation, I have been worried about restocking all my skincare and makeup products without burning a hole in my pocket. With the fuel prices touching the skies, everyone has been focusing on saving their money instead of spending. I too have been trying my best to build my bankroll instead of breaking it.

I feel fortunate that Sephora has launched its sale on all its premium products. Now you can shop for all your make-up and skin-care supplies at mind-blowing prices.


For instance, we all run out of moisturizer pretty fast right? Get this Matte Perfection Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer today for only $12.60 instead of $18.00. With full coverage, this tinted moisturizer will leave your skin radiant, soft, and glowy.

2-1 Matte Perfection Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer

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While you are on the website, look for some volumizing mascara. Grab this Lash freak Volumizing & lengthening Mascara for $12.50 from Urban Decay today. This ultra-pigmented mascara creates 23.6 times more volume and 40 percent more visible length. The brush was designed to give extreme volume and definition to lashes.

2-2 Lash freak Volumizing & lengthening Mascara

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For those of you looking for skincare products, I have the best Clean Hemp mask from Sephora’s collection for you. Only available for $3.50, this sheet mask with hemp oil will leave your skin soft and supple. The mineral extracts in hemp oil also reduce acne pimples and scars. So, get your hands on it while you still can.

2-3 Clean Hemp mask

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If you have been looking for facial oils then I believe this Rose Hips Nourishing Oil, for $11.00. This lightweight yet moisture-intensive facial oil is just what you need after your skin has been deprived of its hydration.

2-4 Rose Hips Nourishing Oil

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Similarly, if your hair has been deprived of hydration then try getting your hands on Playa Supernatural Conditioner. Available for $21.00, this conditioner is silicone free, it nourishes and repairs your damaged hair in no time. Suitable for straight, wavy, curly, or oily this conditioner is a must-have. So grab it while you still can at a lower price.

2-5 Playa Supernatural Conditioner

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If you want to refresh and unwind with good-smelling candles, then Sephora has got you covered! Scented candles are my favorite thing to keep in my restroom. I like to light some of them while I take a hot relaxing bath. I have always relied on Sephora and its scented candle collection because of its quality and fragrances. This Melrose place candle for $22 will leave your area smelling great.

2-6 Melrose place candle

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If this isn’t your scent then I encourage you to get this To Live & Pine Candle from FORVR Mood. Only available for $34, this spicy and warm scent with deep notes of cloves infused with wild berry and tangerine will leave your senses astonished.

2-7 To Live & Pine Candle

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Pop in online today at Sephora to reap all benefits of this mind-blowing offer. Also, enjoy free shipping on all of these products by using the promo code “FreeShip.”

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