About Me

Hey, beautiful people inside & out. Myself Alina Vettel. I was born and brought up in Georgia, USA. I am a blogger and a fashion
But wait this is not what I planned on becoming. Like every other girl, my dreams were divided, into passion and profession but while trying to study nature, I realized how much I am fond of styling myself, taking pictures, and trying to suggest to my friends how to doll up and slay like a queen. I thought of sharing all of my perspectives publicly and ended up becoming a blogger, or you can say kind of a fashionista.
Fashion means looking presentable. And makeup enhances our beauty. Being a girl I guess I don’t have to explain a lot about what makeup matters to me. It solely completes my look and helps me feel confident. I have a very tiny family including my mom; who is a working woman and of course my ultimate inspiration and 2 dogs; a cute little creamy white Pomeranian and a big chunky Samoyed. I recently bought myself a cozy, warm house. And wanted to convert that into a sacred place that accepts me for who I am and matches my passion and vibe. This made me engage in home decor as well. I did a lot of research in finding the kind of setup I want for my home and then started sharing my ideas for home decorating on my blog to aid you all, who want to embellish houses by themselves. Furthermore, I am enthusiastic about traveling and exploring the world as it was also my profession sometime back. That’s about it for my personal details.Follow my blogs and show some love.

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