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How To Dress Casual In Winter

How To Dress Casual In Winter

This bomber jacket winter looks over denim has been my all-time favorite. I remember traveling during this time, and I had to buy something that spoke maximum comfort. Luckily, when scrolling online, my eye caught this beautiful jet-black bomber jacket with a silver zipper. When I received my parcel and unboxed it, I fell in love with its material. It was soft, comfy, and warm. For lower, I decided to pair it with light-toned denim jeans. I didn’t want to overshadow the jacket. Instead, I wanted it to speak in dark bold black color.

Since I was continuously on the go, I chose a black sling bag over my chest to give my outfit an edge. The bomber jacket had a massive hood which I used to protect myself from the chilly breeze in that area. I wore my chunky white sneakers to finish off the look. So, if it’s still cold where you live, I suggest you hop on over to “Revolve” and view their latest collection for bombers. They have everything for everyone. Whether you require a jacket on the heavier side or a light one to complete your outfit, they have got you covered. These jackets are lighter and easier to pack, making them fit for traveling. You can also wear them on long maxi dresses or denim shorts for a chic look. Check their website today! What are you waiting for?

1-1 Bomber Jacket

Fur coat

A beautiful beige fur coat to wear on a chilly day. You can pair this with denim jeans or even black leggings from your activewear.

2-1 Green Bomber Jacket

Green Denim jacket

A light green denim jacket perfect to wear over at lunch or during daytime hours. Pair it with a white tang top or black leather pants to give yourself a chic look.

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