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Revamp your Entire Wardrobe this Season with Urban Outfitters

There are many times I get up in the morning, open my cupboard and say to myself, “I don’t have anything to wear!” if this has been happening to you a lot then I guess it’s time you get a whole new wardrobe. But now you much be wondering whether you have the budget or not, well I believe I can help. I always save up money to shop for new clothes for every season. I wait for all the latest collections to launch so I can shop my heart out. Summer clothes come out with unique designs every year and I need to get some of the most famous pieces in my wardrobe.

I have been liking Urban Outfitters for a long time now. It’s chic, affordable, and sophisticated. From clothing, beauty, swimwear, active wear, shoes to home décor and lifestyle, you can find everything here. For instance, I bought this USO Rosie Smocked Tiered Ruffle Romper for $69 from their latest Romper & Jumpsuit collection. Available in five different colors, I got mine in white.

2-1-1 USO Rosie Smocked Tiered Ruffle Romper

Alt-tag: Romper

 It is made from 100% Rayon and can be paired with these Dr. Martens Jadon Platform 8-Eye Boot for $200. With punk-inspired details, these boots are made from pure leather and are exclusively imported. Available in black and white both, these shoes are the ones to grab.

2-2-1 Dr. Martens Jadon Platform 8-Eye Boot

Alt-tag: Boots

Of course I wasn’t going to step out with no accessories, I mean that wouldn’t finish off my look. So, I got this Buffy Velvet Layer Choker for $17 in gold. It has a chunky metal charm which added detail to the whole outfit, so I was happy about that.

2-3-1 Buffy Velvet Layer Choker

Alt-tag: Choker necklace

As I was hitting a garden party by the beach, I required some skincare supplies and that too I got from Urban outfitters. To give my skin a brighter look I got this Creamy Skincare Brightening 10% Vitamin C serum for $23. Uncover your best skin with Brazilian bio-actives. This serum can be applied at any time of the day and it contains formulated ferulic acid and vitamin E to make your skin glow. I was quite impressed with their skin care section.

2-4-1 Creamy Skincare Brightening 10% Vitamin C serum

Alt-tag: Vitamin c serum

After getting my skincare products from their website, I also explore their “Home” section a little. I was happy to find a distinct mirror collection because I needed a new mirror for my vanity. But instead of going for a small vanity mirror, I bought this huge Tabitha Arc Mirror to take pictures in my new outfits. Starting from $239, it gave my room a fresh look. Made from white oak wood, the mirror was sturdy and stylish.

2-5-1 Tabitha Arc Mirror

Alt-tag: Mirror

Hop on over to their website to view their wide collection in different categories. They have everything you need. From Health and fitness to smoke shop, make sure to check out their seasonal sale for exclusive discounts and bundle offers, it’s live right now. shop now to get 40% off on bedding, décor, and more.

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